What is a Life Coach?

Many people I talk with about being a life coach, say they’ve heard of it but don’t understand what it means or why they may need one. In today’s posting, I will explain a bit about how a life coach can help you find your passions for a full life.

For many coaches, the model used for assessing levels of contentment is with the Wheel of Life.  There are a variety of ways that the wheel of life is portrayed the idea is that there are several components in each of our lives and within each component, are varied levels of satisfaction.  These components include: Family & friends, physical health, career/work, finances, self-care (which may include spirituality or faith), personal development, and romance/love.   I have not been able to find a decent graphic of the Wheel of Life online but will try to post one in the future.

A brief note as to what a life coach is NOT:  Our role is not as a mental health care professional; a physical therapist, a matchmaker.  In some cases, the life coach may recommend that the client consider utilizing other professionals.

The role of a life coach is to build a relationship with the client and work to problem solve, encourage new approaches to challenges being faced, and develop a path towards success.  Through discussion with the client, the life coach works with the client to prioritize, set goals, and create action steps.

The life coach listens, observes, provides feedback, and helps clients identify what changes they want to make and how to make those life changes.  A life coach offers tools and strategies that will facilitate the client’s decision-making.  This is a very simplistic explanation.   The reality is that no two coaching sessions are the same as and there is no cookie cutter approach to work with a client.  Depending on client desires, experiences and viewpoint on life, the life coach will provide or develop activities along with conversation that keep the client moving forward.  The one thing that coaches share is compassion, passion for life, and a sincere desire to help clients live a joyfully and fully.

We all have a purpose in life. A life coach can work with you to find your Life’s Purpose.

My next posting will explain life coaching for people with disabilities.


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