Weather Can be a Pain But it can be Fun too!

So you ever notice that chronic pain increases when it’s raining? How about a couple of days before the front comes through? I can usually predict when precipitation is on its way with weakness, severe headaches, and increased fibro fog. Excedrin migraine eases the headache some but nothing else seems to work.   Once the rain comes, I feel such profound relief even though my joint and muscle pains increase.  My energy increases allowing me to exercise and do stretches, I finally tackle mundane projects that I put off, and I

The Official Texas Flower
A good winter of rain insures a great year of blue bonnets

can sleep and sleep and sleep.

I have always loved the rain.  It’s cleansing and refreshing.  I’m not even bothered by the brown paw prints that design our floors. This morning the dogs and I even walked in the rain and felt great!

But I always loved snow too – the more the better.  Living in Texas rarely gives me the opportunity to run outside with the dogs and do our ‘first snow dance.’ But when living in Alaska, Ohio and Colorado, the joy of the first snow.  Fresh snow is like a pillow that covers the ground and quiets the world. Each unique flake, culminates into a scene of pure white.  Even if tired or hurting, I couldn’t wait for the first good snow and get out there on cross-country skis or snow shoes. The peace it provides me is well worth the energy exerted.

Lovin' the snow in Nulato, AK

I am very sensitive to humidity too.  In Alaska, we lived in the upper interior where the air was usually dry.  The cold in winter never bothered me – strange how -30 can be more comfortable than +30 in Cleveland when I would be chilled to bone and layered myself at home with fleece, long underwear, and several blankets.

Don’t get me wrong, I also like a sunny day but not if the temperatures get above 80.  Then I want an air-conditioned house to relax.




Ok, sometimes snow and ice can cause problems on the roads and cause other dangers.  And once it gets slushy, brown, and even yellow, the beauty is gone.  But it sure is a wonder in its virgin state.

Digging a snow mobile out of the deep snow on the Yukon Winter Highway

How does the weather effect you? What do you do to ease symptoms?  Post any comments on how you deal with changing weather.


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