The Three Principles: Thought, Mind, Consciousness

Thanks to my good fortune in finding and speaking with Garret Kramer, owner of Inner Sports, an organization that coaches professional athletes, I am learning how to use my moods to allow my thoughts to facilitate action. Garret’s book, Stillpower, uses examples of his experiences in coaching professional athletes to illustrate how following your instincts and a lifted mood will allow actions to naturally occur. It is a concept that I have intuitively believed but communication with Garret as well as reading his book has both reinforced my own way of living and illuminated many more insights.

This is how I coach my clients. I listen to concerns, issues, and perceived impediments while allowing them, when they are ready, to overcome those imagined obstacles and follow the road to achieve their dreams in life. This is especially critical for people with disabilities whose daily life may be fraught with frustrations. But they don’t have to be!

I don’t see the three principles as a philosophy rather as a way of living fully with purpose and joy.

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To learn more about Garret Kramer, visit his website: He has articles that pertain to current events and free monthly webinars.  His book, Stillpower, is available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.


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