Why Would Anyone Need A Life Coach? Part 2

In my previous blog, I shared my own experiences with chronic illness and pain and how it took many years to figure out how to manage my illness and life.   I realized when I moved to Texas that I wanted to take a new direction in my life but wasn’t sure which road to take. I have years of professional experience working with kids of all ages in school, developing, implementing programs and even directing nonprofit organizations, as well as working with diverse communities and individuals.  Finally, I had an ‘aha’ moment one night when my brain was on typical overdrive.  I am going to be a life coach for people who also suffer from chronic illness or pain.

Chronic Illness can release pent up frustration and anger



I know and understand the frustrations that can impact sufferers.  If you have a disability or illness with chronic pain, you don’t need to struggle through life feeling like your merely existing.  It is possible, no, imperative to figure out how to manage your life.  You deserve to be happy.  For all we know, this is our one and only life so it is incumbent on each of us to do what we can to live the best, fullest, and most joyful life possible.  We all have dreams but when you are sick and hurting, achieving dreams  seem hopeless.  But it is possible – and I am living proof that.

How would you answer the following questions:

1. Does your pain/illness control your life so you are not able to do anything but the daily grind-work, sofa, eat, sleep?

2.  Do you decline invitations or not show up to parties because you can’t muster the energy to get dressed up, let alone be social?

3.  Do you sometimes deny the fact that you have an illness and overdo things, such as exercise or going out more than you should only to crash and possibly get depressed?

4.  Does it bother you that nobody seems to understand your illness when you try to talk about it – especially family and close friends?

5.  When you look a the Web of Life (below), is your web full of holes in many areas?  Does it seem hopeless to sew up the gaps in those areas?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, I can help you to change your perspective on life.   Your thoughts will become more clear, your mood will improve, and you will find new ways to improve various aspects of your life.   Insurmountable obstacles will fall away.  In time, you will be able to find that dreams can be achieved.  You can have a life with joy and purpose.  You deserve it.

Many of my dreams have come true but I continue to have new dreams that I plan to achieve.

I want to live on a ranch, with horses, alpacas, and of course, dogs, dogs, dogs.  My husband wants cattle.  We hope to have a certain amount of self-sufficiency though we will both be keeping our day jobs since we love our careers.

My husband learning about the awesome alpacas

I have traveled extensively and no longer have a great desire to travel much but still want to visit the Galapagos Islands, New Zealand, and take my husband to Hawaii.

One of the Beautiful Hawaiian Beaches

Traveling is exhausting for me, even for the weekend.  For me, if there are things that I really want to do, I will do it.  I will plan accordingly, rest when necessary, and anticipate crashing when I return home so I make sure to extend my vacation when I return home to recover.

I wish I had a life coach who could help me deal with my illness instead of taking years to figure it out myself.  In fact, I think everyone needs a coach now and again. But at the same time, I have no regrets as my experiences can help others – like you.

Think about it.  If you are at all curious, contact me with any questions or for a free exploration session at lbwebbcoach@yahoo.com.

One of the Beautiful Hawaiian Beaches

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