Holes in the Health Web

Once again, it’s time for true confessions.  For the past month, I was suffering from debilitating sinus headaches that continued without relief.  I have been learning aromatherapy and made a sinus blend of primarily eucalyptus oil that I inhaled with steam that has worked well in the past.  I have bath salts for pain which feels wonderful for a while after drying off and rubbed oils on my temples. Nothing lasted very long.  I tried over the counter medication, migraine medication, pushed myself further with exercise and my yoga/qi gong energy stretches but the pain and fog only worsened.

The worst part was that I am in the midst revising my project paper with the intent of graduating this May and spent hours in front of the computer for days on end and not even complete a sentence.  I was becoming increasingly frantic, stressed, and frustrated. Those of you with chronic illness know that these emotions only aggravate the problem more.  It must have really showed because one of my clients emailed me to take it easy.  I thought that was real progress for her to be coaching the coach!

For those readers who do not have a chronic illness, think of having pulled an all-nighter to complete a paper for school, a project for work, partying with friends (like I know what that was ever like), or caring for a sick child then having to go to work without a wink of sleep.  Do you know that feeling of there but not there? Your brain is fuzzy, you can’t concentrate, and you ache all over.  That’s how many of us feel everyday with the occasional sharp pain in various parts of your body.  Now, add a common cold, bronchitis, or the flu and our everyday becomes exacerbated and it becomes difficult to distinguish between what’s normal and what is a virus or infection.  My days are full of senior moments these days but the fog is slowly lifting.

I thought I had a bug and had no desire to go to the doctor and get any more medication.  My mother’s daily calls became reminders to go to the doctor but my stubbornness kicked  in.  I was going to stick it out since any more meds would make it too hard to get my work done. This was illogical, of course, since I had been unproductive for 3 weeks already but I am stubborn and intractable at times.

As I have mentioned in earlier postings, I use a web instead of a circle when describing various aspects of our life because I don’t see my life as a slice of pie. When one part of my life is out of sync other parts are affected.  I was not effective in getting my work or school work done, I was furious and short with my husband who was calm and understanding through it all, and I felt as if my life was out of control.  And it was.  All because I was sick and not taking care of myself.

Finally, last Monday, I went to the doctor and was given three shots including steroids, antibiotics, and a pain reliever as well as more antibiotics to take home.  Within a day, the headache began to recede and in three days I finally wrote a sentence in my project.  The going is still slow but I must get it done so I can move forward with future dreams waiting in the wings.

In the meantime, I am working on re-weaving my web and strengthening my health.  The doctor told me to take it easy and stop exercising until I am stronger.  I still haven’t gotten on the bike or returned to the swimming pool which is okay because I know that I will soon.  I walked a few days this week but the weather turned cold and rainy so I decided to forgo that too until the sun comes out again and dries things out a bit.  I do need to get back to my yoga/qi gong but the truth is I keep forgetting.  I am out of the routine and remember after I have eaten which is a big no-no.  But I am not stressing that either.  I am confident that things will again fall into place.  They always do.

As always, the sun will come out again and the spring flowers will look even more beautiful.  My lapse in judgment will be a reminder  to stay away from stressful situations and listen to my body more acutely.

Interested in learning more about the Web of Life or LB Webb Coaching? Contact me at lbwebbcoach@yahoo.com. 


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