Personal Loss Reminds Me That I am Fortunate

I just learned that a former colleague just passed away. When working together, we shared a journey to figure out how to feel better. I had already been diagnosed with CFS and Fibromyalgia and as I recall, Sue’s exhaustion and weakness was also initially attributed to CFS. We both explored acupuncture which worked well for me at the time – not so much for Sue.

Ultimately, Sue learned that she had cancer and after a long fight, she just lost her heroic battle. Saddened by Sue’s diagnosis and passing, I selfishly feel relief that my life led down a different path. I admit to occasional concerns that my diagnosis is incorrect and something more dire lurks inside of me waiting to show its ugly head. Fortunately, my blood cell count is normal whenever it has been tested.

Last week, was the 37th anniversary of my dad’s passing from a rare form of leukemia. He was 49 and turning 50 was pivotal for me. Every May 15, I remember the heartbreaking loss of my dad and count my blessings that I am chronically ill not terminally ill.

Today I is another reminder that every day must be lived with joy and purpose. We remember those who have lost their battle and continue on our own fight for a full life.


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