Inspired (2nd in the Series): Living a Deliciously Full Life with Fibromyalgia – Vinson Petrillo

My husband and I started watching the Food Network show, Chopped, this summer.  If you haven’t seen it, each episode of Chopped is a competition of chefs, eliminated one by one after creating a dish based on odd ingredients chefs must create in limited time and presented to a panel of  tough judges.  It’s fun to see how chefs from varying back grounds come up with imaginative dishes in limited time.

Vinson Petrillo is one of those creative chefs He caught my eye when he mentioned that he who has fibromyaglia.  I worked several years in the restaurant business and know it is demanding, brutal on the body, and exhausting.  But it is also rewarding for those who find passion in their ability in making memorable meals for customers.

Petrillo began his career at 14.  Three years later, he attended culinary school and worked in a restaurant at the same time.  After graduation, Petrillo became a sous chef in Nantucket, Massachusetts then in New York.  He is about to open his own restaurant in Brooklyn, New York.

After a clear brain foggy start, Petrillo got into the zone quickly and the judges praised his dishes.  Who could make sardines, rice cakes, waxed beans, and mandarinquats into a tasty appetizer?  Petrillo wowed the judges with his creativity in making a tasty dish out of Yak, mustard greens, dried shrimp, and mangosteen.  And he became the champ with a dessert that included chamomile flowers, kefir, plums, and black pepper crackers.

Chef Vinson’s passion for cooking creatively overshadows his pain from fibromyalgia

I cannot imagine working in a restaurant anymore though I love the sense of community and working with people. The mere thought hurts my brain.  The kitchen is always hot, potentially hundreds of orders arrive for preparation quickly yet look and taste good.   I find it remarkable that Petrillo’s love of cooking is stronger than the pain and brain fog he undoubtably experiences.

Chef Petrillo’s fibromyalgia takes a back seat to his passion.  And reading his sister’s blog posting,, I was not surprised that Petrillo wished that the show editors focused on his relationship with his girlfriend now, rather than his illness.  I think he has a strong Web of Life and Petrillo’s health is only part of who he is though his family and career are priorities.

For those of you living in the New York area, try out Chef Petrillo’s new restaurant, Prospect, in Brooklyn and send me a review.

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