Excellent Description of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

This is the first article I’ve seen that explains what sufferers of CFS/ME experience.  It is a misunderstood and under-diagnosed REAL illness.   Greater efforts in funding research are necessary but those of us who have CFS/ME are too tired.


From The Biology of ME-CFS:

Can you think of the worse flu you have ever had? If you have

experienced it, the flu makes you miserable.

Flu: Body aches, exhaustion, sometimes you have the flu where your debilitated for

days, have to call in work, miss classes. Other times it’s more like cold symptoms,

annoying and you have to decrease activity, but you can still function.

ADD TO THIS….Neurological symptoms

Compounds the misery

Brain Fog – Mental Clouding, feels like a dream state, confusion, disorientation

Difficult being upright- and need to lay down or have feet up: lightheadedness, nausea

vomiting, heart races

Night sweats are soaking

Chemical sensitivities, extremely sensitive to medications

Visual – Blurred vision, jumpy vision

Anxious & mood swings, laughing to crying to frustrated to irritable

Neurologically these symptoms are similar to MS.

Symptoms get a little better then, WHAM, comes back again.

It never goes away.

Day after day.



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