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This post was published last year but many found it helpful so I decided to re-post it again:

Holidays can be a real challenge  for some people.  It can be emotional, expensive, and stressful.

Shopping is the biggest pain (unless you actually like to go malls, get aggravated finding parking, and trying to maintain good humor while fighting crowds and aggravated store clerks).

Nothing makes me angrier, though, than lazy arrogance! When I see a car (especially an expensive one) sitting in a disabled parking space with no handicap tag, sticker, license or any other notification that the vehicle is being used by an individual with special needs.

Another issue that gets my blood boiling is hearing about someone who parks legally AND legitimately in a handicapped spot and is scolded and harassed by ignorant fools who assume that a person getting into or out of a car appears perfectly…

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  1. Dear Laura, and all Readers here, “HappyThanksgiving” to all of you & your families.

    I am very thankful for your wonderful & helpful posts, Laura, and hope you are feeling better
    and able to have a good day with your loved ones.

    I am very thankful for each of you, my fellow companions here that share your thoughts, wisdom
    and tips via your comments.

    May GOD bless us and our families, today & every day, Amen! Texas Carol & Family

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