Hopeful Progress

I returned home from Alabama a week ago.  I never thought much of  ‘Bama’ before though thrilled to mark it off as the 47th state Alabamathat I visited.  Before landing in Birmingham, my knowledge of Alabama was limited to its ignoble role in civil rights history and the crimson tide at University of Alabama.  Now I know that U. of Alabama is in Tuscaloosa (and its a beautiful campus).  I know tall

Evergreen forests blanket Alabama's landscape
Evergreen forests blanket Alabama’s landscape

evergreen trees blanket the hilly landscape. And I discovered hope for a healthier life in Alabama.

While not yet fully recovered from my surgery, I notice major changes in my body.  My headaches are gone.  I have not experienced phantom stabbing pain since I left the hospital in Alabama nor have I felt constant aching in joints.  I can’t say that I’m clear-headed as I’m still taking pain medicine but I don’t feel like I’m in a fog either.  As for sleep, I think that I am still recovering from the surgery and travel, but I’m hopeful (yes, truly full of hope!) that my sleep patterns are improving.

The biggest challenge now is my diet.  For 3 months, I am forbidden to eat bread and meat, not even chicken or fish, until my esophagus heals completely.  For now, I’m keeping gluten-free.  I wish I could say that I’m starting with a clean plate and healthy eating but I don’t write fiction.  The gallons of ice cream in my freezer likely will keep me from losing the 30 pounds I’m expected to lose.

Yes, I am hopeful.  I am becoming a believer in Dr. Pridgen and his medical wisdom.  And my confidence is growing that the FDA will approve the treatment later this year (yes, in 2013) and  real help will finally become available to the tens of thousands of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue sufferers.


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